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Is the unit on RO (Reverse Osmosis)? If so, you could be experiencing low volume or inconsistent pressure. Contact your RO service company for them to check you pressures. If the unit is NOT on RO, try replacing your water filter with a factory water filter. If still experiencing problems, please contact us to schedule a service call.
The number one issue with Dryer's taking too long is that the exhaust vent is restricted or clogged. Call a Dryer Vent cleaning Specialist such as the Dryer Vent Doctor to have the vents cleared and cleaned prior to having a service technician come out.
The most important is using Jet Dry for every load. Second is Pre-heating the water. Dishwashers use humidity to dry the dishes and if the water doesn't get hot enough the dishes won't dry properly. If you have tried both these and are still experiencing issues, contact us to schedule a service call.